4 Healthy Ways to Stay Alert and Focused at Work

4 Healthy Ways to Stay Alert and Focused at Work
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Growing a startup from a small business into a thriving operation is almost always a very arduous experience. While it can also be very rewarding, you should always keep the physical demands of being an entrepreneur in mind when moving ahead with the decision to start your own company.

This warning is by no means intended to discourage anyone from pursuing their entrepreneurial goals. Instead, it’s merely meant to highlight the importance of identifying healthy ways to stay alert throughout the workday. In the face of constant demands, you’ll need to be able to focus on your work to grow your business at a consistent pace.

It’s vital to understand that this brief article is not intended as a substitute for seeking professional medical advice. If you’re regularly struggling with attention-related issues, you may benefit from speaking with a doctor to learn if treatment is necessary. That said, the following four general tips may help improve your focus, alertness, and overall ability to perform as you balance the various demands that running an energetic young business typically involves.

1. Get a sufficient amount of sleep.

Don’t overlook the basics! The human body needs sleep, plain and simple. However, when you’re growing a business you are passionate about, it’s understandable if at times you may feel the desire and need to put in long hours and skip your normal bedtime every now and then.

However, in the long run, a persistent habit of not getting enough sleep will prevent you from achieving your goals. Your body could begin to give out and your mind will not get the processing time it requires to digest the information acquired that day.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average adult should get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Make it your goal to get at least this much rest on a regular basis. You should also do whatever is needed to stick to a consistent sleep schedule. Doing so will make getting proper sleep easier than it might be otherwise.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Did you realize that the majority of Americans are actually operating with dehydrated body most days? Odds are good that you’re not drinking enough water.

Dehydration can have a significant impact on your energy level. Fortunately, properly hydrating is fairly easy. You may need to constantly remind yourself to drink more water more often at first, especially if you’re not accustomed to doing so. Eventually, however, hydrating will become more natural to your daily routine.

You’ll also be very happy you prioritized hydration when you experience the benefits that drinking enough water can yield.

3. Do you need to supplement?

Again, this article is not intended as a replacement for professional medical advice. You should always consult with your doctor before taking any medication or supplement.

That said, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that certain types of supplements may boost energy levels. For example, it’s long been understood that methylated B-12 can help a person stay focused without the negative side effects that may come from overindulgence in caffeine.

While you should still talk with your doctor before starting a supplement regimen, be aware that doing so is a potentially easy and healthy way to optimize focus and cognitive functioning.

4. Get enough exposure to natural light.

Just as many people don’t consume enough water regularly, many also don’t get enough exposure to natural light. Thankfully, this is another simple problem with a simple fix. Studies consistently show that getting outside — or at least keeping your windows open — can play a major role in how alert you feel throughout the day.

Remember, these four simple tips apply to entrepreneurship in ways that can be easy to forget. This is especially true when you’re preoccupied with turning your vision for a business into a success. Being a strong business owner is much like being an athlete — you may theoretically have all the talent and drive in the world but if you’re not physically capable of handling the challenges your work involves, you may struggle to reach your goals. Guard against this by keeping these recommendations in mind.

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