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Why Your Reputation Is Important To Your Customers



by Heather Legg


It’s not hard to do a little background research before committing to do business with someone. All it takes is the click of a few keys, and any potential customer can see all the glowing reviews and all the dirt that is hanging onto your online reputation. Many of these potential customers take great stock in your reputation and look to it as a consideration of doing business with you. That is why it is so important to make sure that you keep a clean, positive reputation.



These days, it’s easy to do a thorough search on anything.



What customers want to see:

When a potential customer searches your name or business, a high ranking is beneficial to you, and your customers. It makes it easy to see the information about you, even if it’s your own website. It saves your customers time and effort from having to sift through pages of Google. By showing up at the top of a search, your customers can also can see that you are a leader in your field. A strong online reputation will bring you to the top rankings, and that is something your customers want.


Your customers also want to see positive feedback about you. When they are searching, they may look for those reviews before making a decision to do business with you, even repeat business. When they come across good feedback and experiences, they’ll be more inclined to work with you. They want to see positive feedback.


A combination of the two…

Most importantly for your business, customers want to see a combination of the above two. They want high rankings and positive information. It’s not going to do you any good to have a big, bright, damaging review on the first search result that comes up on you. Sometimes it pays to work with an online reputation protection company to make sure everything is showing up how you want (and need) it to.


What customers don’t want to see (and shouldn’t):

If the first thing that comes up on a search about your business is a negative, scathing review, you could be in trouble. So much of doing business with someone is the reputation. Unfortunately, not every customer is happy all of the time, no matter how good the business is. And all it takes is one bad review to climb to the top of the search to hurt your business.



The cleaner your online reputation, the happier your customers will be.



That’s why it’s important to maintain a good online reputation. When you know what is out there about you, you (or your reputation management company) can do something about it. You may not be able to erase those damaging comments, but your shining, positive reviews can be the ones that take command of your reputation.


A good reputation is important to your customers!

People want to be proud of who they do business with. It’s a reflection of themselves. It also leads to more referrals, which is good for you! Keep a good online reputation and you will be in the right place to continually bring customers in—and keep them!


Heather Legg is a writer who blogs about small businesses, Internet safety, and the importance of a good professional reputation.


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