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Young Entrepreneurs – 4 Ways To Defeat Your Summer Unemployment Woes

Fellow college students are you feeling depressed due to not having a summer job? I know how you feel. I know you want to make money like your working friends. Day in and day out you can’t do much because you don’t have a job. You dare not ask your parents for money because your ego will not allow you to do so. But remember, “Hungry people don’t stay hungry for long.” Your hunger to make a few bucks for beer and gas is lurking in your entrepreneur heart.



Starting A Business With Little Or No Capital

You’re low on money and the job market, for you, is looking bleaker each day as you send out your resumes and CVs to companies. Unfortunately no one is returning your calls.



Hope is on the horizon. You can start your own business, be your own boss. Just as kids made their money by selling lemonade on the side of the street, you too can have a low cost business.


Transforming Your College Major Into A Business Startup

Using your imagination can take you further than you would have ever thought. College students that dabble in creative writing can find small writing gigs. College students can get paid by the article or paid by the words, depending on the job. Remember, any dollar that’s gained is a dollar that you didn’t have before.



Some places you can check for freelance writing jobs include Fiverr,, oDesk, and Elance.


Early education teachers can use what they learned in previous semesters for babysitting. You’re supposed to be good teaching kids. Why not spend the summer watching over kids. Also babysitting is a good way to obtain a network of people that are comfortable with leaving their kids with you. Over time the network of parents will grow and could lead to you opening your own in-home day care, provided that you have the proper licenses.


Zoology majors and animal lovers benefit from simple but paying jobs such as dog walking, pet grooming, and pet sitting. Even more you can take clients’ dogs to the dog park, charging an extra fee, based on the hours at the dog park and transportation cost, (please be trustworthy and don’t cheat your clients).


The Usual Summer Jobs

Even if you have not found your major in college, you can still start a small business, such as lawn care: cutting grass is an easy way to build a nice clientele. Grass will always need cutting. Older clients are usually the best because they’re not able to cut their own grass, so they rely on you. Basically never leaving you without a customer.



The hunger for money will drive you to use your skills that you learned in school and outside of school to think of moneymaking ideas to pay for your summer fun.


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Author : David Hopkins

David tries to feel the world through his five senses. Traveling to the beach is his way to get away from the big city. Poetry was his introduction to exploring writing as an art and not just something that has to be done. Finding his voice through words is very important to David.

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