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Writing What People Want To Read – The Secret For A Successful Blog

Every writer will tell you that you can’t account for the publics taste and no matter how well your write there will be groups of people that will dislike, hate, abhor, detest and even despise your efforts. They will criticize your grammar, content, delivery and multiple uses of synonyms for the same word. If you want to write a successful blog you have to find an audience for your product. This requires marketing on your part. You can probably find thousands if not millions of well written blogs that have been read only by the writer and his or her closest relatives. The success of your blog is dependent on one thing and one thing only “people have to want to read what you are writing” period.



The Market

Before you begin writing a blog create an outline detailing the goals of the blog. What are you trying to accomplish with your blog? If the goal is to reach people you have to find where they are, and this requires market research. If the people you are trying to reach don’t know where you are they can’t access what you are trying to offer them. It doesn’t matter whether it is a free or paid service you have to find your audience. Once you find where they are your blog must do all the talking with original, creative, witty and engaging content that will keep them coming back for more.



The Niche

Niche is the go-to word in internet marketing these days; “find a niche and you can make XXX amount of money”. If you have a niche audience and you are one of the few people addressing their issues you will have a better chance than writing a blog about Credit Cards. By now virtually every niche is covered by a website or a blog but this doesn’t mean it is being done with quality. If you believe in your abilities and the message or product you are trying pass on to your niche customers don’t hesitate to start writing your blog.


The Competition

Before you write one word on your blog try to read the best blogs regarding your subject. This will do one of two things. You will be so intimidated by the quality of the content you will stop paying your internet bill or your will be so inspired you will want to better the competition. I hope it is the latter because bad blogs out number good ones by a large margin.



Eventually you will run out of topics for you blog and this day will come even for the best writer. The best way to overcome this obstacle is by creating a blog that is part of a larger subject. This will allow you to have many topics to write about.



Rules you Should Follow

If you want to have a good reputation online edit and proof read your blog several times before you publish it. Continuously apologizing for mistakes will reduce the number of your readers. Following some simple rules will increase your reputation and trustworthiness amongst your readers.

  • Write about one idea or topic per blog
  • Keep your blogs between 400 to 700 words
  • Don’t ramble, get to the point
  • Use a great headline – the right title will get you more readers
  • Don’t forget about SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • Use images
  • Check your facts
  • Don’t use copyrighted materials, if you do give credit where credit is due at all times
  • Become an expert in your field


When you write your blog don’t forget you are talking to another person. Make yourself accessible with your writing and people will be able to relate to what you are saying. Many successful blogs started out by talking to their readers and giving them what they want and not what you think they want.


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Author : Frank Griffin

Frank has been a soldier, a social worker and an insurance agent. Currently he spends his time volunteering and working for NGOs in third world countries, specifically Ethiopia. Writing lets his brain exercise and he loves tackling any subject. Frank enjoys visiting indigenous groups around the world and his goal is to visit as many of them as possible before they end up being tourist attractions.

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