What It Takes To Make Your Content Top Dog

Everyone can write a blog, copy a photo, or build a website. Not everyone can make any of those things actually useful for their business. There is a strong monotony in social media marketing, and in order to break away from the boredom you need to rise above the rest by writing quality content.


Who Do You Think You Are?


Yes putting together your own site and knocking out a few blogs to gain a little interest can make you feel accomplished, but don’t give yourself too much credit too soon. Just because it was written by you doesn’t mean much to anyone else out in the cyber world. A constant reminder of this is to do your own research on what you are trying to promote.


Your Research


Search the information you are trying to get out there and do a quick review of what you find. Make sure to note the high points of the top hits that come up. Explore what makes one better than the next… from better content, to ease of understanding, all the way to just downright fun.

Comparative Analysis


The next step is to see how you measure up against the other guys. Be objective, and really be critical of your own work. Try to be honest with yourself on if the piece you put together would really interest you and more importantly bring you back a second time. With these comparisons you can begin to see what you may be lacking and fix it.


Keep Up The Momentum


Don’t stop there though, raise the bar and make others flaws your strengths. If you see a lack of interaction on other pages throw up a couple pictures and a way for people to comment on your site. Make it something that can entertain as well as inform. Everyone loves to watch the movie rather than read the book and it’s good to keep that in mind.




Be careful not to go overboard as well. Fun is good, but taking it too far can make you seem a little too busy for a serious customer. A clean and concise page is effective. Also, don’t stray from the main objective of actually getting the information out there. Let loose your knowledge and be a great source that people can trust in.


You need to make yourself a resource to people. Think Wikipedia. You know you can keep going back there for the multitude of problems or questions from day to day. Find that same reliability to offer to your followers or customers. Be something people can rely on, and you will quickly find yourself working hard to live up to the standard of excellence that you set for yourself.





Once you have begun to really fine-tune your craft realize that it is a continual work in progress. Don’t ever be fully satisfied with you have put together. Take the bad stuff and make it good stuff. Take the good stuff and make it great stuff. And be aware of your flaws. No one is perfect and don’t expect yourself to be either.


Be proud of the content you share, and be eager to keep advancing. Don’t get tunnel vision and only pay attention to your style, but stay open minded and keep an eye out on the competition to stay ahead of the game!


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