Where’s The Breaking Point For Employees? [Infographic]

Have you ever had something bug you at work? Maybe it started out small, like you had to answer that email while you were on the beach with your family. Or your boss called you after you’d already turned out the lights and snuggled down for the night.


workplace deal breaker


Or maybe it was a little bigger. Linda got promoted as your team’s lead when you and she both know that you’ve been there longer and care more about the team’s success. Whatever the reason, something bugged you enough that you just couldn’t forget about it.


BambooHR just completed a survey of 1,000 current employees in the US to find out what things annoyed them and which would ultimately become their breaking points.


Their findings about workplace deal breakers are highlighted in the infographic below.


workplace deal breakers infographic

Read more on BambooHR.com and feel free to check out their hr software.



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Pat (Cletch) Williams | BambooHR.com