How To Make Working From Home Work For You [Infographic]

“Freelancing” used to be a word that was applied primarily to writers but these days it covers a much wider range of professionals. We’ve got freelance graphic designers, freelance managers, even freelance¬†chefs. From where I sit, it seems like the only difference between a freelancer and an entrepreneur is… Yeah, I’m having a pretty hard time coming up with differences.


working from home


The title of this infographic is, “A Grad’s Guide to Freelancing,” but even if you’re not a recent college grad, you should definitely give it a look over. With the possibility of working from home becoming more and more possible every day, the trend is clearly in the direction of a larger number of independent workers and “freelancers.” A lot of the advice laid out here is totally applicable for running your own business, as well, whether you call it “freelancing” or “being the CEO.” Check it out, share it around!


A Grad


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