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Evaluating Wireless Credit Card Machines: A Checklist



by Debbie Allen


If a business is going to thrive, it needs to have the ability to accept credit and debit cards. In fact, most businesses are processing credit cards online as soon as their websites are set up.


Nowadays, businesses are much more flexible than they were decades ago. With that said, payment processing has evolved. Payments can be made online as well as via phone, fax, mobile devices, or with wireless terminals.


About Wireless Credit Card Machines

Wireless credit card machines are similar to Smartphones, except they are designed to perform a single function exceptionally well. That is, they are designed to process credit card transactions.




As the card is passed through the terminal, the sensor reads the credit card’s encrypted information, which includes the account number and expiration date. The information is synthesized into a wireless signal and communicated across a secure connection. The transaction is processed and completed.


Wireless terminals allow merchants the freedom to conduct business on the go. They can complete transactions at trade shows, flea markets, and other places that normally do not have traditional cash registers. This is good for customers and for businesses — which, in turn, is good for the economy.


It should be stressed that wireless terminals are extremely secure. The wireless connection is secured and an encryption process is utilized.


Finding the Ideal Machine

When shopping around for a wireless credit card machine, you will be immediately overwhelmed by the number of companies offering terminals. Some may seem to offer deals that are too good to be true. Watch out for those because, in most cases, those deals that seem too good to be true tend to have a catch somewhere along the way. Read the fine print! Always find out what the cost is upfront, as well as any monthly fees and any charges you will have to pay per transaction. Depending on the amount of business you do, this can add up very quickly.



Customer support is a huge factor in determining the value of something as important as a credit card processing service. Imagine the consequences of dealing with a service provider that does not provide adequate support when you need it! You could lose customers. Do research into how reliable the service is before you invest in it. After all, if you are relying on your terminal for processing payments and the service is down for some reason, you will lose out on sales.


Background checks into the company’s reputation can tell you a lot about whether you should consider choosing its credit card machine or not. In most cases, a simple Google search of the business or product name will pull up information and reviews that will clue you in about the quality of the service.


Helpful Checklist

These are the things you need to carefully consider when choosing a wireless credit card terminal:


  • Fees and Charges – Check for monthly fees as well as a gateway fee and a percentage of every sale.
  • Equipment Costs – This is the cost of the actual terminal. In some cases, the machine may be free; in others, you may have to pay a hefty amount for it; and in others, you may lease the terminal.
  • Customer Service – The customer service reputation of the company should be a huge factor in determining if you will choose their product.
  • Contract Terms – Some companies have very flexible contract terms, and others do not. Use caution in signing up with companies with long-term contracts.


This information should make it easier to find the ideal credit card machine for your business. Take your time before choosing. Be selective, and use this as a reference to help you make the right decision.


Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 6.37.15 PMDebbie Allen is a full-time content writer, blogger, and online marketer. She has a background as an Organizational Development Practitioner, which has provided her with keen insights into the infrastructure of businesses. Debbie likes to share her knowledge about small business management topics as well as issues related to self-development.



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