5 Reasons Why Online Stores Beat High Street Shops

by Charlotte Smith


There has been a long running debate about the differences between high street stores and online shops for many a year, and each has their own pros and cons that divide them. It’s been thought for a while that online stores have the edge over a physical storefront for several valid reasons. Here we divulge deeper into the world of ecommerce to prove why buying and selling online is much better than a spot in the town center.


1. Convenience

When shopping around the high street you tend to be on your feet all day, especially if you can’t find what you’re looking for. When it comes to online shops all you need do is press a few buttons to get exactly what you need, and then some. It is also helpful for those who can’t get to the high street themselves either due to transport problems or medical issues. Payments have also become rather swift thanks to the likes of PayPal.




2. Any & All Costs

Businesses, as a general, don’t exactly come cheap. That said, funds can be saved here and there if you choose the online route. Online stores are fairly simple to set up on sites like eBay or Etsy, and you wouldn’t have to worry about major costs such as a building, staff members or furnishings. Online shops also tend to offer their items at a more competitive price than many high street shops as there is less to pay out for on the business end, resulting in more customers.


3. Regulations

Being a business there is still a bit of “important paperwork” to sort through, however this is much more taxing for those with a town center premises than it is for most online sellers. Buildings require several regulations and the like to function adequately, along with a few certificates for good measure. Online stores have several policies that need to be abided by, but you tend to have a bit more freedom and trust.


4. Volume & Variety

The size of a high street store, no matter how big, can limit the amount of sales it can produce as it takes some time to restock popular items. It may also be limited in terms of what they tend to sell on the whole. As with many online stores they usually stock up exactly when needed instead of having designated days for doing so. Not only can that, but the type of things an online shop sells vary greatly due to having a much broader audience to pitch to.




5. Shareability

It has been hard lately for many high street shops to market themselves to the public as they can only reach a certain amount of people who will bother investigating further. To add to that, if someone told you about this great store on the high street you’d have to get yourself into the town to see for yourself, whereas if someone told you about this great store online you can view it instantly, meaning there is very little time wasted.


Online businesses are great for anyone looking to get themselves known, and to earn some extra cash. There are many online businesses for sale right now that you can choose from, or alternatively you can set something up from scratch.



charCharlotte Smith is a writer and researcher for Daltons Business, an online business directory for those looking to buy or sell a business. She has covered many topics in the past surrounding online businesses, as well as business tips and advice. She has learned many lessons in her time within the business sector and continues to broaden her knowledge.



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