Why Is Link Building So Popular Among Marketers?

Link building is popular in part because of its rich assortment of benefits.

In the world of online marketing, link building has evolved to become one of the most popular strategies—and an absolute must for practitioners of search engine optimization (SEO). But what is it that makes link building so appealing? And is it worth all the hype?

Link Building 101

In case you aren’t familiar, link building is the process of establishing links to your site on external sites. Oftentimes, link builders will write high-quality content for external publishers, and will include a link back to their own pages as a citation or a recommendation for further reading. This link can be clicked and followed by readers, but it also serves an important function for SEO.

Google ranks pages in search engine results pages (SERPs) not just based on contextual relevance, but also based on their trustworthiness (often called authority). The more trusted a page is, the higher it’s going to rank and the more traffic it’s going to receive. Authority is calculated largely with the help of external links, so building a better backlink profile can greatly increase your ability to rank.

Of course, link building is a deeper and more nuanced strategy than this description implies. You’ll have to measure and analyze your performance so you can improve over time, and you’ll need the help of a backlink checker tool to ensure your links are high-quality enough to add value to your campaign.

The Benefits of Link Building

Link building is popular in part because of its rich assortment of benefits:

Barriers to Entry

There are also very few barriers to entry with link building, making it attractive to a wide variety of marketers:

Ultimately, link building is one of the most cost-effective and efficient marketing strategies available for modern business owners. If you’re interested in improving the visibility and reputation of your brand online, it’s a practical must.

Image credit: Bongkarn Thanyakij; Pexels

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