Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Brand? [Infographic]

Once upon a time, the world had never even heard of Facebook. “Social network” referred to the people you had over for cocktails, but if you actually said it out loud you’d probably be given the side eye because, really, who says that?


Those days are obviously dead and gone. Social networks now have very little to do with anything IRL: they’re all online and there are A LOT of them. Facebook has been joined by Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram… The list goes on and on and on. How can you possibly know which one is best for your startup? Where should you be focusing your time and energy when there are so many different options?


If you’re floundering for an answer to that question, check out this infographic from the folks at Infographics.sg, which breaks down the social media platforms by who’s on them and what your brand wants to achieve. Super useful, super digestible; check it out!




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