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What To Remember When Hiring

Hiring talented people to best fill out your powerhouse of a startup can mean the difference between simply coasting and supporting a good product and taking it to long term success with a dream team. It’s a daunting task to hire the first members of your team as your business begins to grow, but it’s a necessary one that doesn’t have to be truly difficult.




Diversity Of Talent

When it comes to statup hiring, instead of feeling threatened, hire people with knowledge that you yourself don’t exhibit. An important aspect of intelligence is knowing how to communicate and constructively challenge co-workers and bosses. In an environment of innovation, this creative thinking will prove beneficial to the company and your product. It’s also up to you to know how to respond to challenges from these creative thinkers. Remember, they’re there because you chose them because they’re talented in areas that you’re not.


Job Description and What To Look For

Remember to be as specific as possible when creating your employee wanted ad. Hiring someone who simply seems to have enormous potential may not be enough. What you’re looking for is someone who has experience and pure talent. Experience is the factor that’s going to outweigh talent because you already know they understand the game and can perform.



Also, if you happen to find candidates that also are interested in entrepreneurship, this could work to your benefit. Like you, they’re most likely independent workers and motivated more than the average candidate and this translates to more independence and time for you to work on what you need to accomplish on daily basis with the company.


About Interviewing

Although you’re tempted to want to get right down to business, it’s important to try and get to know the candidate in the interview before discussing what it is you’re looking for specifically. This sense of familiarity will help the candidate relax a bit and it will benefit you because their responses from this moment forward will be more genuine, instead of one trying to tell you what they think you’d like to hear.


Another good idea regarding interviewing, is to have the candidate prepare something for the interview depending on their area of specialization. Whether it’s marketing materials or logo design, the candidate should show you what they’re capable of off the bat.



Also remember that hiring candidates as contractors for a couple of weeks can be a good way to see if they are the right fit. This gives the both of you a trial period to see if they can handle the work-load and are talented enough to respond to the needs of the company.


Looking Down The Line

Remember, if someone isn’t the right fit, fire them sooner than later. It’ll cost you more in the long term if you hang onto an employee who just isn’t the right fit for what you’re trying to accomplish. On the other hand, instead of hiring quickly, take your time with finding the right person. If you’re not able to find someone as quickly as you wanted, just be patient and continue to look. If you know what you’re looking for and haven’t seen it, why settle?


These are some ideas to consider when expanding your startup team. Remember, it takes time and patience so be ready to adjust. Also, remember that you’re the startup leader, so no matter how much talent you happen to find, it’s up to you call the plays and motivate the team.


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Author : Sam Melon

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