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What To Consider When Moving To The Cloud

As you consider moving your young and bootstrapping business into the cloud, it is important to recognize the aspects of your organization that will benefit the most.  While increases in efficiency and system performance are very likely to be gained, you may find that incredible cost savings and a reduction in IT staff are not guaranteed.




Since cloud service providers offer subscription-based on-demand services, choosing the most effective package for your company will depend on the scale of the business and its particular operations.


You’re Already There, Dude

As major companies around the world are rapidly moving their operations to the cloud, it is all but certain that you’ve already been indirectly using it as well.  Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Skype and even Gmail operate in the cloud, and hundreds of other organizations are moving at least part of their operations to save costs and increase efficiency.  Therefore, generally speaking,  there’s no need to doubt the reliability and value of moving all or part of your business as well.


Cost Savings

Given the ever-widening variety of applications and data storage options available in the cloud, you may envision the potential reduction of expenses that can be gained from a reduced IT staff and fewer on-site hardware expenditures.  As the CSC’s Cloud Usage Index Report indicates, 82 percent of worldwide businesses surveyed reported cost savings derived from using cloud services.  However, the report goes on to mention that the amount of savings tends to be relatively small.   Therefore, while you should plan on seeing some cost benefit from using the cloud, it is wise to focus more  on the potential improvements to your business’ operation.



The most significant benefits gained from moving to the cloud derive from the ability to easily connect employees who are using a wide variety of computing devices.  In fact, this feature is cited by the CSC’s report as being the number one reason for companies to move their operations to the cloud.




As the use of mobile devices continues to increase, addressing the need for compatibility between systems is of paramount importance.  Since most, if not all communication companies and social networking platforms are already in the cloud, compatibility across multiple devices is easily achieved when your company joins as well.


Unlimited Storage

Another essential value yielded by the cloud is the dramatic increase in speed and nearly unlimited storage capacity that is made available.  Since startups have the potential to grow exponentially in a very short period of time, the incredible flexibility offered by cloud computing is an invaluable resource which allows your business to adapt and scale itself quickly, without a moment of downtime.




As most any successful entrepreneur will note, the ability to satisfy a growing wave of customers is crucial in growing your business.  Likewise, failing to adequately respond to a sudden spike in demand can often spell disaster for a young company.  Thus, the elasticity offered by the cloud is ideal for scaling your business quickly and effectively.


Though the ultimate success of a company always rests upon the vision and perseverance of its management and employees, the benefits offered by cloud computing will undoubtedly help to streamline operations and alleviate overhead.  While the specific needs of your business will determine which particular services are most beneficial, moving some or all of your operations to the cloud is becoming a growing necessity as more companies worldwide have come to rely upon it.  Startups stand to gain a great deal from the growing relevancy and utility of the cloud.


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Author : Don Bodie

Don Bodie has crafted his writing technique from a background in the performing arts, and enjoys covering the exciting world of startups. Drawing from experiences with various types of small businesses across the country, Don hopes to offer unique viewpoints and insight to his readers.

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