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What Is Facebook EdgeRank And How Do You Improve It? Tips From Brian Carter



EdgeRank, Facebook’s news feed algorithm, is just as important as all those fans and thumbs up for your company’s Facebook page. After all, fans should see what your company is doing and engage as often as possible. The solution is to get your Facebook EdgeRank higher and optimize your news feed. But it’s no easy task.


Brian Carter, brand advocate for Facebook analytics tool PageLever, offers his expert advice on the top new ways to improve your EdgeRank, increase your company’s visablity and actually see results.





Post Photos With Links

Brian explains that there are six main types of posts on Facebook: links, photos, text status updates, videos, ques.tions and platform posts. Out of all of these, a Facebook page that posts photos gets about twenty times more engagement with fans.


Brian suggests that if you need to post a link, include a photo with it. Research shows that this can create a significant amount of clicks on that link if photos are included.


Create Photo Albums

When you create a photo album and post it, rest assured it gets noticed. When the album appears on the news feed, there is a large photo with several little photos which looks different to most posts, and users will take notice and click more often.



More clicks says Brian, the likelier your EdgeRank will improve.

Utilize Post Targeting

Facebook is rolling out a new post-targeting feature that allows pages to segment fans by criteria like age, gender, relationship status, place of work, country of origin, etc.


Brian says this will totally work to your advantage through being able to target your fans by what they are most interested in. Targeting means less people you reach, but the ones you do reach will engage more. This will will create a snowball effect by allowing friends of targeted fans to view their engagement with your page, and EdgeRank will then show your page to those people.



Brian says you can customize content and release multiple posts through the new post-targeting feature. This will increase your chance of more fans in subgroups engaging with posts.


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