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ZipSetGo.comZipSetGo is a community site that revolves around just one thing: traveling. Users of this website can learn about the best places that they could visit all over the world, where to stay once they get there, and the best activities to do at these locations.


On the ZipSetGo site you are also going to find downloadable travel itineraries for every budget. The idea is to let both those who have to keep an eye on their finances and the ones who can afford staying at the most luxurious places arrange their trips from start to finish, with a minimum of fuss.

The site also caters for just everybody in the sense that people who are traveling for the first time are as well looked after as travel addicts and business professionals that want to maximize the limited time they have. Just everybody is getting something out of this.

Membership to ZipSetGo comes at no cost, and once you are a registered user of the site you will be able to start contributing your own reviews for all to read and comment. In Their Own Words

Planning, travel, fast!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an interesting community in the sense that it is really widespread – it caters for all kind of travelers.

Some Questions About

Judging by what is featured on the site, which are the top destinations of the day?


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