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Wizgig.comNo matter how well written the posts are and how right the authors seem to sound, I know a lot of people who are reluctant to follow the advice provided on corporate sites and blogs They want to hear things from people they feel they can relate to. They don’t want a blogger or staff member who seems to be writing to order telling them how to be happy. Or even how to fix a broken door handle. The more down-to-earth the person who talks to them the better. And if after having read this paragraph you realize that’s exactly the kind of advice you value the most, then Wizgig is for you.

Wizgig is a site where normal people give out tips and advice to people who are like them. There’s no pros involved here, just folks who have learned to do something right, and who want to share their knowledge with everybody else. The advice provided on this site covers everything from how to make a barbecue to how to impress somebody on a first date. In between, you’ll find how to pick a used car, how to save energy and how to speak in public. And pretty much everything that a normal person could ever need help with.

And whenever you feel like sharing your own tips with somebody, then that can be done in seconds. Accounts come free, and they’re ready in seconds. Just pick a username and a password.

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Welcome to Wizgig! Here you’ll find tips and advice across a wide spectrum of topics. Each tip has been added by others like you!

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