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WikiRiver.orgYou might not have stopped to think about it, but so far only one half of one percent of the diplomatic cables that WikiLeaks has got in its possession have been released. That is incredible, specially when considering all the repercussions that have been already. I mean… only one half of one percent of these cables have been made public. 2011 will be a controversial year bar none. And I am sure we are going to see more and more sites like WikiRiver each day.


In principle, WikiRiver gathers together all the coverage that the WikiLeaks cables have received (and are receiving) on the press. This is done by bringing all the relevant RSS feeds under the same roof, and letting you access them in a single click. And you can also subscribe to all these feeds at once, and get a unified feed including all the information featured on the WikiRiver website.

On the whole, a really flexible way to stay updated on one of the biggest information leakages in history, and one whose repercussions are far from being over. In Their Own Words

WikiLeaks cables and more.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The controversy surrounding WikiLeaks will go on for a good couple of years at least. This is a great way to remain posted on it all.

Some Questions About

Which other sites like this one are available out there?


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