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WhatSalary.comThe first thing you must do before going to the boss and ask for a raise in pay is to know exactly how much people who hold your same position in other companies are earning. That might seem obvious, but there are many people who bypass that completely, only to make fools of themselves in the end.

This site will let you avoid making that very same blunder. What Salary provides extensive information on how much people are earning all over the country. And these figures are reliable for the simple fact that they are submitted by users.

Plus, the site lets you have companies compared side by side. You can pitch Google Vs Yahoo, Microsoft Vs Apple, IBM Vs Hewlett-Packard… the list goes on and on. And you can likewise have careers compared on the spot. Simply pick the two you want and off you go.

And the site is wrapped by a series or informative articles dealing with perennial topics such as how to become a freelancer, lists of serious salary negotiation mistakes and more.

WhatSalary.com In Their Own Words

Negotiate your starting salary or pay raise by being better informed about salaries at your company. Learn about conditions proposed by other companies in your field in order to target and choose accordingly your professional advancement.

Why WhatSalary.com It Might Be A Killer

It makes for negotiating your salary in a much safer way. If you are not informed when doing so, a step out of line could cost you dear.

Some Questions About WhatSalary.com

Which companies are most sought-after by users? WhatSalary.com