Webmaizer.com – Random Sites That Are Actually Good

Webmaizer.comAre you in the mood for surfing the Web randomly, yet you want the assurance that the sites you are going to come across are at least marginally interesting? Well, if that happens to be the case then this new service will fit you like a glove.

Webmaizer will let you browse through random sites that have actually been rated by others like you, and that you will also be able to rate in turn. The idea is to bring an element of quality into random web browsing. These are concepts that by their very nature seem to run two different and separate courses – something that is random can seldom be synonymous with something that has special qualities. Yet, this website manages to reconcile these two aspects that one would think are invariably at odds.

And it must be mentioned that you can suggest pages to be featured on Webmaizer. If you have just started your own site or blog, you might as well consider doing so. It is not going to bring a stampede of visitors straight to your site, but it is a good start for certain.

Webmaizer.com In Their Own Words

Fun and interesting websites.

Why Webmaizer.com It Might Be A Killer

It makes for browsing the Web randomly, yet without coming across any old thing in the process.

Some Questions About Webmaizer.com

What features are to be implemented next? Because the site is going to evolve, right? Webmaizer.com