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WanderID.comAlthough it is available only in Central Texas, Wander ID offers such a practical service that I feel it is only fair to include it on KillerStartups today. You see, Wander ID is an automatic system that can be used to identify people who can not identify themselves. This includes people with Alzheimer, autism and dementia, as well as minors.


Whenever any situation arises, such people become vulnerable because they can not really express who they are. Wander ID addresses that by creating an online database in which four photos of each person are entered into. These photos are accompanied by the relevant contact information.

From that point onwards, if there is indeed an emergency and your loved one is involved then any police officer or concerned person will be able to identify him/her by taking a digital photograph and sending it to Wander ID.

The photo will be matched with the ones in the database using advanced facial recognition technology. The person will be identified, and you will be notified about his/her whereabouts immediately.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Wander ID guarantees that people with Alzheimer, autism, dementia and minors will be able to identify themselves in an emergency.

Some Questions About

When is this coming to other States? What about the rest of the world?


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