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Wajam is an extension for web browsers, that lets you get search results of contents shared by your friends on social networks. We all rely on what our friends sometimes think about any kind of topic, from movies to the car they bought recently or the place where they spent their holidays. In the internet era this is done through social networks. So Wajam is the tool you can use to find what your friends have talked about in their social network profiles.

Wajam’s founder, Martin-Luc Archambault, is an angel investor and startup mentor who ended up himself as a startup creator. When he realized that he couldn’t find easily the contents shared by his friends in social networks, he started thinking on how to solve this. “My friends share bits of wisdom each day across social networks- there has to be an easy way to tap into this knowledge.”, says Martin, as cited on Wajam’s website.

Martin is co-founder and chairman of Bolideo, a startup incubator which has invested in a lot of companies such as Planbox, Anomalous Networks, and Acadam. He holds a Bachelor of Busines Administration too, so it is no surprise that with this background he would find the way to have his own Startup online in little time.

Today, Wajam’s team is formed by ten guys. Five web developers, a web designer, a system administrator, a community manager and a graduate from economics who’s in charge of business intelligence and who previously worked in the online dating industry.

All these guys are the ones who allow for you to have this tool that will help you find easily the contents shared by your contacts on social networks. Maybe the best advantage is that you can use it right away directly from your web browser. Just by installing the extension, you will get those search results before the usual ones from engines like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay and some others. But you still have the exact visual experience as before. Common results will appear below the ones you got from Wajam, so you can still have search results like you always did.

Bear in mind that Wajam’s extension works with Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. Guys, can we hope for have Wajam available for other browsers? I understand that it’s hard to think about someone who does not use at least one of those, but you never know. Also, can Wajam be used in Windows, Linux and Mac?

On the other hand, Wajam lets you choose from which social networks you will get results from. At the moment, the options seem to be Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. However, adding some more options could give Wajam more power and be more appealing to users. But it is good that they have started with the most important social networks, and that the service is free.

We can be quite sure that social networking will find a whole new turn with the idea, which seems to have gotten little coverage so far. In Their Own Words

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