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Vixles.comVixles is a platform for the discovery and discussion of local activity. People who visit the Vixles website are enabled to share all they know about these activities that are to take place, and see what others are sharing themselves. In each and every case, these activities can be commented and discussed. If The Pixies are coming to town and everybody is mad about them but you can hardly tolerate the band, then you can rock the boat by pointing out a few home truths about how derivative their music really is.


Besides, Vixles makes for finding the best deals right where you live, and also for posting classified ads. You will be able to advertise any product that you want to sell or any service that you can provide to those who are nearer.

Every story that is shared through the site is named a vixle. These can be posted by just anybody. The one and only requisite is having signed up for an account before. And that costs nothing, so that if you want to see what is going locally and share your own tips you will be able to do it with a minimum of fuss and effort. In Their Own Words

Share, see & discuss anything near you.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Sites such as this one make for finding all there is to do locally, and sharing any gig you know about with everybody.

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