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Verseu.comVersue is for those among you who are always comparing and contrasting everything. On this site, you can ask others to pick any of two different people, places or things. You can easily create online battles where just anything can be chosen as a contender, and have all your friends and other site users vote on what you’re sharing. And the more involved you and your friends become, then the higher you’ll climb on the site’s ranking.


Personally, I’ve found some of the battles that are featured on the site to take place between concepts and objects that are not really that contrastable. I mean, an ATM against an iPhone? An app like Snapchat against a site like That’s a bit like pitching a song by Paul McCartney against a movie by Quentin Tarantino. Say, “Jet” against “Pulp Fiction”. We’re talking about things that are on completely different levels, and you could never judge their artistic quality using the same criteria. Still, I guess that some people might find the ability to contrast just anything interesting. In Their Own Words

VERSEU [vurs-soo] is the fun and addictive internet competition where users create a profile to start one-on-one battles with people, places and things to accumulate points, increase statistics and climb up the competitive ranks.

Some Questions About

What about letting you create private battles? Is that ever going to be an option?


Author : Roger Hollings

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