– Get More Followers On Twitter

TwtAmigo.comTwtAmigo is a new service that will let you get more followers on Twitter. The site resembles a marketplace in more senses than one, as you have a set amount of credits that you can offer to the one who follows you.

It is not that you are “buying” the follower, but you are giving him something in return for following you.

And when you have run out of credits, you can get more in a lot of different ways. You can tweet a message every 6 hours ion order to earn 3 credits, and you can also earn 15 credits by referring others to TwtAmigo.

Naturally, how useful you will find something like this lies in direct proportion to how much you use Twitter for promotional duties. Yet, I find it all a little too time-consuming to become a valid option for marketers. And casual users won’t even bother – they will have something better to do that list credits and try to get new ones. The results are not that tangible after all, and that is the one and only conclusion I can arrive at. In Their Own Words

“TwtAmigo is a very simple and exciting new community based on helping others gain Twitter followers.

Users offer credits to everyone who follows them; if you follow them, they’ll give you the number of credits they were offering.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is interesting to see new approaches to gaining followers on Twitter, even if they are not that practical at all.

Some Questions About

Is there really anything that would make people keep coming back to the site?