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TweetChallenger.comHas Twitter affected our ability to communicate? We could discuss it for weeks on end, and get further away from a definitive answer as each day goes by. Better to take a more practical approach. Better to try a site like this one.


Tweet Challenger lets people post questions that are to be answered within 140 characters. These answers that do materialize are then voted by other users of the site, and the one which eventually makes it to the top is hailed as the winner

Note, though, that the one answer that wins is not necessarily the one that offers an unequivocal solution to the dilemma at hand. It might be the most humorous, or the wittiest.

In actuality, most challenges and discussions on this site do have a certain humorous tone to them. That is a direct implication that nothing can be really addressed in 140 characters… or is it? I guess I am starting a discussion on the site in order to find that out… In Their Own Words

Tweet Challenger is a fun social platform to test the limits of our new found Tweet society.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fun way to explore the true power Twitter can have.

Some Questions About

Will people stick to this site? Or will it wear thin before too long?


Author : Roger Hollings

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