Tusourcecard.com – Times Union Source Card

TUSourceCard.com used to be the site where holders of Times Union source cards could learn everything about the discounts and benefits that applied to them. But on January 1, 2012, the Times Union decided to stop offering such a card to its Easy Pay subscribers. As a result, if you visit TUSourceCard.com right now you’ll be provided with answers to these questions that any person who had that card (and who used it regularly) could be inclined to ask.

These include “Why is the Source Card program being discontinued?“, “Will the Source Card program be returning in the near future?” and “Why should I remain an Easy Pay subscriber?“.

And the site also lets you get in touch with the Times Union so that you can ask them any further questions. A form is provided at the bottom of the page, and if you decide to fill it out you’ll have to answer some questions like “Where were you most likely to use the Source Card?“, and so on.

And this form can also be used to show the Times Union that you still care about your Source Card, and that they should really make a point of bringing it back. A phone number is even provided for those who prefer to ask their questions and/or make their cases in person, it’s 518.454.5768.