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Trenchmark.comA platform that is solely devoted to the fostering of open innovation, Trenchmark can be freely used by professionals, startup companies and established organizations that want to take an active role in the shaping of new trends.


The sharing of ideas (the one activity that gives the site its edge) is kept really pointed.

As a matter of fact, the ideas which are posted can not exceed 180 characters.

Also, it must be mentioned that each and every idea that is posted is actually categorized – “Internet”, “Marketing”, “Automotive” and “Financial” are just four of the most active categories that can be found on the site, and that can be accessed using the pertinent navigation menu.

And if you want to know what has been cooking up lately, simply take a good look at the homepage – the ideas that have been posted more recently are highlighted one by one there.

By way of conclusion, this is a platform that will let innovators encourage and inspire every other participant in the scene to do his best. And just anybody can employ it – no fees are charged for using this platform, and that is not changing anytime soon. In Their Own Words

“Stimulate open innovation by sharing new business ideas.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any platform that encourages innovation and professional realization such as this one is destined not to go unnoticed.

Some Questions About

Is there an option to see all the best ideas that have ever been submitted to the site at once?


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