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TradeIntelligency.comAs you can tell by its name, this is a company devoted to providing trade intelligence services which aim to let any user get ahead of his competitors. The core service that is provided is the tracking of shipments.


That is, if you are a tradesman you will be capable of figuring out what is being shipped by rival suppliers, and to whom. And you will likewise be able to have your very own shipments (and shippers) analyzed. For example, you will be capable of knowing who else do they ship for, how frequently and how much.

All the import and export data obtained by Trade Intellegency is updated every two days. In each and every case, information such as the departure and arrival dates of shipments is provided along with the names of ports, the numbers of the relevant Bills of Lading and the numbers of containers. Also, the name and the address of the corresponding Notify party will be disclosed.

The uses that such data can be put to are obvious. You can get ahead of your competitors by working out their selling patterns, and getting right in the game they are playing. You will be able to identify new customers, new suppliers and also monitor your risk management. In Their Own Words

“Find out information about your competitor’s shipments instantly online. Find out who their suppliers are and what these suppliers are shipping – and how much. Or, track your own shipments. Interested in getting an edge on the competition? You’re in the right place. Get ahead of the game with Trade Intelligency. Become a subscriber and start making big changes in the way you do business today.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Tradesmen will be able to see the way in which everybody else does business, and also act swiftly if a new competitor comes into the market.

Some Questions About

How is all that data obtained, exactly?


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