– See The World From Above

ToursFromAbove.comTired of seeing the world using Google Street View? Looking for a new perspective? Well, this website will give you that and more. Its name actually gives you some sort of indication of what you are getting if you give it a try: aerial tours.

Many of the most appealing destinations in the whole world (from a topographical point of view, at least) are already covered. Africa and Australia are very well-represented, for example. And you can also see cities like New York and London from above. If you dream about visiting such places, you couldn’t ask for anything better. And if you happen to live there, you are going to be pleasantly surprised. You will probably notice things that you didn’t even notice before.

Browsing through the available tours is a piece of cake, as a provided world map will let you pinpoint the exact location you want to see from the skies. And you can also use a search tool in case you don’t want to waste time zooming in and out of maps manually. In Their Own Words

“Aerial virtual photography worldwide.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you see other cities (and also the one you live in) from a whole new angle altogether.

Some Questions About

How often are new tours added?