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TouristsGuild.comAs its name implies, this is a site where people can convene and share travel-related stories and anecdotes. The whole of the world is covered, and the objective of TouristsGuild is to let those who are heading somewhere for the first time know all about these spots that they should make a definitive point of checking out.

The site is open to just anybody, so that if you have a story or two to tell (or a couple of pictures you think others could enjoy going through) you will be able to have that shared on the spot.

From a structural standpoint, the site pays a clear homage to Digg. You will be able to see both published and upcoming tours in the same way that Digg lets people access current and forthcoming stories on its main page. Plus, you can have stories arranged by recentness.

And users of the site can always create (and join) groups of interest, and interact directly with those who love the very same destinations that they are keen on. In Their Own Words

Tourists Guild is a social news space, where everyone can share, read and enjoy about travel and tourism. Travel and enjoy!

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who are about to visit a country for the first time will be able to know how to maximize their stay there.

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