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TidyPSD.comThose on the coding side and those who create content are often in different wavelengths. There is nothing that could be done about that, really. Both learn to deal with each other as best as they can. But there are going to be bumps along the ride for both of them whenever they have to collaborate with each other. Well, TidyPSD is a site that intends to make one aspect of their work together more palatable: the actual dealing with PSD files.


Simply put, coders feel far more comfortable if the files that they receive adhere to a specific hierarchical structure. And content teams are completely oblivious of that. They send the coders just any old jumble, and tempers might as well end up flaring.

TidyPSD prevents exactly that from happening. The company employs a team of Photoshop-literate coders that can take care of reorganizing all your PSD files for you. In this way, you ensure that what you are sending your coder is going to be usable off the bat. Unnecessary tensions at the workplace, then, will hopefully be kept out of the picture. In Their Own Words

It?s very difficult for coders to work with someone else?s PSD files if they?re not organized correctly. We help fix that problem by organizing your PSDs for you.

Why It Might Be A Killer

A service of this nature can help different departments within the same company collaborate more harmonically.

Some Questions About

Are there other sites that do something comparable? Or is this the first of its kind?


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