– Find Which Games To Watch

Thuuz.comIt is often very difficult to find which baseball, basketball or soccer games to watch on your DVR for the simple fact that spoilers are everywhere. It is almost impossible to read a spoiler-free opinion about last night’s game because no opinion worth its salt would omit mentioning the best plays and moments for the match being discussed.

That would be like reviewing a music CD without actually mentioning the songs that are included on the album.

However, someone has managed to come up with a system that can tell you how great a game really was without telling you about that game’s specific incidences. And you are reading about it now.

Thuuz looks at a game’s statistics in order to rank it in terms of excitement. It takes into account everything from how close the game was to its actual number of plays. If that excitement score goes above a certain threshold, then you will receive a notification on your mobile or by email telling you to check it out.

So, there you have it. Fast, simple, and (best of all) spoiler-free. In Their Own Words

“The best games… on your schedule… no spoilers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who take their sports seriously will just love the fact that it can tell them how exciting a game has been without spoiling a single play.

Some Questions About

What else could these algorithms be used for?