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Having all the right qualifications for a job doesn’t mean you’ll get it when sending an application in. If you don’t know how to market yourself as the one employee that could mark a before and after in the history of a company, then none of your skills are going to matter. But if you can’t think of a unique and memorable way to introduce yourself, then that can be easily solved. You can always hire somebody to do the writing for you, and market your skills in ways you wouldn’t even think about if left to your own devices. That’s what the hundreds of professional writing companies you can find on the Internet are here for. But today, I want to point you to one that does things a little differently. is a writing company that can write everything from professional resumes and personal summaries to sales letter and just any kind of marketing-oriented content.


Five different packages are provided, and in all cases what you’re buying is something unique and personalized. And all packages come with full revisions for one year, in a bid to ensure your satisfaction.

As you can see, the company always delivers results within one week of you having placed your original order.

And what makes Thirsty Talent special is that when you hire its services not only will you get the piece you’ve commissioned the company to write, but you’ll also be donating purified water to those in need. The company donates one gallon of clean water to a poor child in Africa for each package that it sells, thanks to its partnership with

Thirsty Talent has been founded by Kwame Essieh and Ralph Hoffarber, two entrepreneurs from the Oregon area. Future enhancements are going to include a blog, and the addition of even more packages to the five that are already available. And a better version of the shopping cart is also going to be introduced soon enough.


Author : Roger Hollings

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