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Thingiverse.comA site for inventors, Thingiverse is where you can let you creativity run free. This website features tools and miscellaneous objects that are contributed by people from all over the world. And printable 3D designs are always provided, for you to have a quicker understanding of how anything has actually been put together.


The site is divided in two main sections, which are “Things” and “Tools”. The former features these inventions that don’t really have a practical use, while the latter is where you’ll find these items that could make your life easier. “Automated Tools”, “Clamping Tools”, “Crafting Tools”, “Electrical Tools”, “Hand Tools”… these are all featured categories. And the most popular tools and things are highlighted one by one.

Of course, each inventor that contributes anything to the site has got his own profile page. If there’s anything you’d like to ask him about what he has created (or if you have spotted any mistake and you want to tell him privately, not by posting a comment everybody could read) then that can be easily done.

And the site’s rounded by a blog where you can learn about the latest inventions that are released, and also read lots of different tutorials for perfecting your skills. In Their Own Words

Digital designs for real, physical objects. A Universe of Things

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What about letting inventors monetize their designs somehow?


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