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TheShoppingForecast.comA service for the style-minded among you, The Shopping Forecast is a website that will let you know everything about new trends well in advance. Users of the site share and discuss all the trends where they live, and the ones who are known to make the most substantial contributions are know as The Style Electorate. They are all listed on the main page, on a chart that is actually updated live.

The site also lets users examine trends item by item, and tops, skirts, trousers, shoes and boots can all be found on the relevant menu. Plus, it is also possible to specify the occasion that you need to get dressed for from any of the four that are included: Party, Casual, Work and Wedding & Formal.

In this way, figuring out what to wear in order to cause nothing but the right impression at any kind of event could hardly be any easier. Not to mention that interacting with people like you can do on this site is really entertaining. In Their Own Words

New fashion trends.

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It makes for knowing what to wear (and how) in order to be the center of attention wherever you go.

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