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TheReadFeeder.comThis is a great site to check if you want to learn which books people who can be deemed as experts and influencers have been reading recently. Here, titles of such nature will be recommended to you based on two main factors: the reviews and the mentions these individuals make in their blogs.

As it stands right now, the site has seven different categories: “Arts & Design”, “Business”, “Economics”, “Green”, “Productivity” and “Thinkers”. These sub-split themselves in turn. For example, the “Business” category encompasses “Entrepreneur”, “Marketing” and “Tech startups”. The one named “Arts & Designs” is made up of “Architecture”, “Art”, “Graphic & Web Design” and “Photography”… and so it goes.

Besides, you can see the latest books that have been blogged about on the homepage. And you can also see the reviews that have been added to the database in the last week, month and year.

Of course, links to online retailers are provided in each and every case. If you trust the person who blogged about the book, you will be capable of buying it right away. In Their Own Words

“ReadFeeder recommends books based on reviews and mentions in important blogs.

More than just the best-selling books.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to learn what is being read by those who are always one step ahead of the curve.

Some Questions About

How many books make up the database of the site already?