– Like Groupon For Jobs

TheJobRoulette.comThe Job Roulette brings to mind several different sites that have been wildly popular over the course of the last year, and which are still going strong in many cases. ChatRoulette and Groupon are certainly the two that spring to mind more markedly, as The Job Roulette is a site in which a different random job opening is posted each day. People have 24 hours to apply for it. Once that period of time has elapsed, the opening is replaced with a new one.

Of course, this system holds itself together because applicants are always hired within 24-48 hours of sending their resumes in. That is what makes the site usable – if recruiters took longer, people would not be free to apply for new jobs as they are listed.

In any case, a minimum number of people must apply for a job so that it becomes activated (IE, really available). You will always be able to see how many people have applied, just like you can always see how many people have pledged to buy something on Groupon. In Their Own Words

One day. One job. One chance.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The creators of this site have combined the best of some of the most dynamic services in years like ChatRoulette and Groupon, and they have come up with something quite refreshing at the end of it.

Some Questions About

Which cities are going to be covered next?