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TheGlobalEconomy.comWe keep complaining about how bad things are here in America, we keep saying that the economy is in absolute shambles. But what about the rest of the world? We’re not the only country that’s going through its fair share of problems. And (as always) we complain about the things that are happening to us because we just have no idea how bad things are elsewhere. Well, this new site is here to fix that. It shows you what the economy in other parts of the world is like, so that the next time you feel like cursing out loud you can put things into a finer perspective. brings together graphs and reports for countries spanning just the whole world. Europe, South America, Asia, Africa… you can choose the country you’re interested in from a drop down box, and then learn about everything from its imports, its exports and its inflation to its unemployment rate and its life expectancy. All the information is clearly laid out, and estimations can be easily made.

And a tool that lets you have any two countries in the world compared side by side is also featured. If you’re a parent and you have to help your kids do such a thing as part of their homework, then this site offers the speediest way for having everything compared. In Their Own Words

Learn about the economy of different countries.

Some Questions About

Can become as popular as Wikipedia has become? Will it turn into a point of reference for students the world over?


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