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TBD.comA site that currently covers Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia, TBD has taken one of the most openly social approaches ever to newsgathering. Not only is the site constituted by content that is 100 % original, the content is created by a community of over 120 bloggers who engage their local populations actively.


Twitter and FourSquare are also key to the site’s dynamics, and so are mobile applications both for bringing the content to users, and for facilitating its commentary once it has been served.

The news industry on the whole still has to understand that people are no longer satisfied with receiving the latest news – they actually want to be there when the story is being created, and offer their own input as much as possible. A site like this one, on the other hand, leverages that fact and intends to become the closest we have yet seen to a news publication where both sides (the ones being informed and the ones who are providing the information) are absolutely equalized. It might set the scene for better things to come or not, but it is a compelling resource by every standard. In Their Own Words

“Washington DC, Maryland & Northern Virginia News.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If it succeeds, the site can set the standard to be followed by all websites that aim to serve social news.

Some Questions About

Which areas are slated to be covered next?


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