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StreetArtView.comGoogle Streetview is a really neat platform, but we are yet to see applications that truly maximize it. If you think about it, the uses such technology can have go well beyond all these things we used to see in sci-fi movies when we were children.


Still, sites that put Google Streetview to imaginative uses are slowly beginning to materialize. Street Art View is one of these.

As you can guess by its name, this is a site that will let you see street art from all over the world via a Google Map that can be used in all the habitual ways. This map has got a series of markers pinpointing the position of street art, and you can easily tell which place has got the biggest number of entries based on the colors of the markers themselves.

These spots are actually submitted by people like you and me. That is, this is a user-powered website. If you live in a particularly colorful city, you will be able to make it known to others through this site, and convey its vividness to the full. In Their Own Words

A collaborative collection of sites from Google Street View showcasing street art from all over the globe.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to know more about street culture without having to set a foot outside of your house.

Some Questions About

Which cities have got the biggest number of submissions in?


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