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SocialAV.comThe SocialAV website takes a collective approach to the fighting of computer viruses. You see, it is a community site that can be joined by just anybody, and through which people from all over the world can tell others about the experiences they have had when dealing with this or that virus. The eventual aim of the site is to stand as a true knowledgebase made up of contributions from every corner of the world. If that does happen, developers will have access to all the insight they could ever need to come up with more effective antivirus software, in a far more centralized way.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the site is how it lets users not only identify new viruses but also name them. And as soon as solutions start rolling in, they can always vote for the ones that are more effective. In this way, any person who is new to the site will be able to know how to deal with any virus that just surfaced, and for which a definitive solution is yet to be devised. In Their Own Words

Build your antivirus online.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Simply because it can aggregate all the knowledge and experiences that people have when dealing with viruses worldwide, and make it instantly accessible to antivirus developers.

Some Questions About

Is integration with social sites provided? To which extent?