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Smartdate.comSmartdate is a site for those who are yet to find that special one. Here, the process is given a radically fresh twist by letting them date the friends of their Facebook friends. That is really interesting for all the (positive) implications that dating such as person has. We already know that there will be a hundred things to talk about in the first date, or (in the worst scenario) there will be a chance to break the silence more easily. That is a big stumbling block for many people – they just fail to think of something to say, either because they are shy or because they fear to come across as silly. Well, Smartdate puts everybody in a position where that can be avoided as much as possible.

Of course, you can also use the site as you would use other dating networks, and browse through profiles on your own. But the option to date friends of friends on Facebook is just too much fun to be bypassed. I bet that is what everybody will go for. In Their Own Words

Discover an easier, more authentic way to meet people online.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ability to date friends of friends on Facebook is fresh and cool.

Some Questions About

In which other ways is Smartdate a departure from other dating sites?