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Scrapsity.comIt’s easy to get a little embarrassed when remembering these things you used to love when you were younger, but it’s also true that such things come to define who you are today. And once you move past the first wave of embarrassment when you watch a clip of something you used to enjoy (Milli Vanilli!), you invariably feel all nice, warm and sunny. And you’re more determined than ever to carry ahead. Nostalgia is a true motivator, and one of the strongest ways to reaffirm who you are. For that very same reason, anything that makes you remember these things you used to adore when you were younger is a good thing on my book. This site certainly is.


Scrapsity is a social community where you can share images and videos of all these things that you enjoyed back when you were a teenager, and even when you were younger than that. The idea is to make you dig deep into your memories, and (by looking for the relevant media on sites like YouTube) take you back on a true journey through memory lane. And then, by posting what you’ve found on the site, take others with you for a while.

I don’t care if the site’s not sterling in terms of design, it’s really struck a chord with me. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed playing some 90s video games like Carmen Sandiego and Zelda, and being reminded about them has certainly put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. In Their Own Words

Scrapsity takes you back to the past and connects you to your favorite movies, albums, video games, toys, television shows, sports moments, fads and more! Browse or search Scrapsity’s database of videos, images, games, widgets and audio clips. Register and submit personal content such as pictures, stories, personal memories.

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