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Rrrewind.comRrrewind is here to let you find the most popular content that is shared on social sites all over the Internet. A clear menu will enable you to choose from sites like Delicious, YouTube, Flickr and Hulu and then see all these items that have been shared recently by others that have met with the biggest degree of approval (or that have been debated the most). The idea here is to let you come in close contact with all the content that to any extent or the other has made internauts stop, stare and comment.


There is not a lot more to say or make clear, except maybe that the site can be used without having to sign up or even sign in beforehand, and that those who feel like doing a quick revision of the items that have trended best over time can always check the provided archives. And I suppose there is no need for me to mention that Rrrewind is a free service from start to finish. In Their Own Words

Popular links archive.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a good way to know what has been trending on the Web if you disconnected yourself from it all for a good couple of days.

Some Questions About

Will the user interface be further refined?


Author : Roger Hollings

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