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Ridaroo.comWe can define Ridaroo is a web-based application that allows University students and employees to form (and manage) carpools with their classmates and coworkers.


Such a thing is done privately within each University or organization, and separate instances ensure the safety of the students and coworkers in question.

Those who sign up for this service become findable by the relevant people only (IE, someone on the opposite end of the country is not going to find them). That is made possible because only the ones who have the relevant passcode can access the corresponding carpooling community, and look each other up.

Besides, the search process itself is helped by an intelligent matching technology that lets commuters find the right people for the right carpool.

Private organizations, governmental agencies and universities can fill out the registration form that is provided on the site in order to start seeing how such a service can be implemented for the benefit of everybody. In Their Own Words

We offer a private, online tool to organizations that allows commuters within that organization to set up carpools with colleagues and peers.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a service lets companies show their employees how much they care for their comfort and safety.

Some Questions About

Will this service also be provided in neighboring countries?


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