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RentalTweet.comAs its name suggests, this is an aggregator of all these rental listings that people tweet out. Both the US and Canada are covered, and everything is aggregated in real time. The site is mostly made up of a big box in which tweets are permanently scrolled down, one after the other. And jumping in the conversation is done instantly – you can talk to property owners on the spot, and learn more about any listing that catches your eye.


If anything, a site like this one highlights what a role Twitter has in the current scheme of the Web. Not only are people using it for learning about breaking news, they are also using it to find classifieds. And it is not unconceivable to think of more and more aggregators like this one becoming available, dealing with other services and products. A real time platform like Twitter lends itself just too well to such purposes, and it can make too much of a difference to be obviated. In Their Own Words

The best real-time apartment and home rental listings in the US and Canada.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to find apartment listings in real time, and get in touch with the ones who have posted them right away.

Some Questions About

In which ways could the design and feel of the site be improved?


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