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Rafter.comPresented by BookRenter, the Rafter Course Materials Network is a suite of software applications that let college administrators and educators get and manage course materials for their students much better. Using this new platform, administrators can ensure educators will have ready access to the most up-to-date course materials, and that students will be able to buy these at affordable prices, both online and offline.


The Rafter Course Materials Network itself is split in three main sections (or products): “Discovery”, “Selection & Pricing” and “Commerce & Loyalty”.

“Rafter Discovery” is the product that makes it easy for educators to find and compare course content in an objective, unbiased way. They can learn which books their colleagues are using, and then compare their new and used prices

“Rafter Selection & Pricing” is the tool that lets schools administrators negotiate lower costs with suppliers, and buy/sell textbooks as economically as possible.

Finally, the product named “Rafter Commerce & Loyalty” is the one that allows students to buy textbooks from wherever they are, using just any platform. Their iPhones, their iPads, their desktop computers… they can buy both old and new titles, and Rafter’s advanced marketing programs are sure to build their loyalty over time.

Since BookRenter has been assimilated by Rafter, you can sign in to the service using what were previously your BookRenter credentials. In Their Own Words

The Rafter Course Materials Network is a suite of cloud-based software that helps schools revolutionize the adoption, supply, and distribution of course materials.

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How many schools have already implemented this platform? So far, what’s their take on it?


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