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QueensRyche.comOther than Queensryche fans and heavy metal/progressive metal enthusiasts, this site will be greatly appreciated by design enthusiasts and basically all who are interested in finding out what the music industry can and is doing to get back some of the dollars p2p took away.


Queensryche charges its subscribing supporters a yearly membership to access some web-only contents, receive autographed pictures, and get super exclusive Meet and Greet passes for selected tour dates.

Other than this, the site includes basically all you would expect from a band s official site: discography, bios, interviews, tour dates, official merchandise store, etc.

Media can be listened in their MySpace profile, and not directly on the site. They also have a downloads section from where you can get exclusive graphics for your desktop or social network profile, and also ringtones for your mobile. features a library with information on media appearances, interviews, tribute bands, and un/official fan sites. In Their Own Words

With American Soldier Queensr?che s epic career continues, proving yet again that the only thing that can rival the band s music is their vision. As Geoff Tate s father says in the chilling introduction to ?The Voice,? the album s closing track, ?You reap what you sow??

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those attracted to Heavy Metal Enthusiasts and progressive rock will be attracted to this site because it features a number of pretty interesting videos and audio files.

Some Questions About

Is it possible to get in touch with the members of this band through the website?


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