Pulc.com – Progressive Universal Life Church

PULC.com used to be the website of the Progressive Universal Life Church. If you visit it right now, you’ll see that it redirects to SpiritualHumanism.org, which is the website of the Spiritual Humanist Clergy. They are a non-profit organization that believes in the power of prayer, and its members are committed to help you heal in mind, body and spirit.

The Spiritual Humanist Clergy is based on the premise that the ancient traditions and practices of religion must be adapted to this time and age. Specifically, the Clergy wants to adapt religion to the new knowledge we have about the universe, so that the way we understand nature and history today can be used to create stronger spiritual connections.

The site of the Spiritual Humanist Clergy lets you become an ordained minister online. This ordination program is available for free, and once you have taken it you will be able to legally perform religious ceremonies such as benedictions, weddings and funerals.

SpiritualHumanism.org also features a web shop where you can buy different clergy service packs, manuals and coloring books. And those of you who have already been ordained can visit this forum, and ask all the questions you might have about your new practice there.