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PressPray.comI am not really a religious person, but I can still understand the enormous importance that a website like Press Pray can have in the lives of people. We could define Press Pray as a resource whereby individuals from all across the globe can create their very own sites for keeping in touch with family and loved ones, and arrange to pray together in times of need.


A site like this one can act as a true beacon of hope for people who are recovering from illnesses, hospital patients and just any person who needs support in times of need. They will be reminded that they are not alone in the most poignant way of all.

Plus, the fact that the site is compatible with people of all religions, races and beliefs is a very positive one. There are some sites like it that focus on specific religions or ethnicities, and their effectiveness is diluted as a result. That is a problem which is not besetting this new website. In Their Own Words

“This is a place where those in need of prayer for any reason can sign up and create a simple website that will allow them to communicate with friends, family, and loved ones while uniting with others worldwide for the purpose of praying for one another in times of need. PressPray is a great place for patients, expecting parents, those in the armed services, and everyone who would like support in a time of need. Different from other patient websites, PressPray allows users to unite with people from all locations, of all religions, races, beliefs for the common purpose of healing.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site unites people wherever they are, and it can stand as a true source of solace for those in need.

Some Questions About

How will the site promote itself?


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